Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Some companies state that their staff scheduling software can create schedules in shifts for an unlimited number of employees, what do they mean?

The majority of the sites we have visited mean that their software is manual and not automated. Their software creates a schedule by dragging an employee from an employee list and dropping them into a selected shift in a shift table.

Q. What is Sched4u?

A. Highly sophisticated automated employee scheduling software, capable of creating employee schedule for the week with one click, taking into account employee constraints.
Sched4u is a record breaking world's best automated employee scheduling in shifts software.

Q. What does it mean that Sched4u is Automated Employee Scheduling software "creates an employee schedule with the click of a button?"

A. Sched4u asks the user to define schedule requirements and enter employee constraints, and push a button. Everything else is done automatically! The schedule created is perfectly compatible with the requirements and constraints of the employees, in particular there is no need to make any additional manual or any other type of verification related to the correctness of handling constraints!

Q. What is unique about the user interface of Sched4u?

A. The Sched4u user interface protects you from errors during the process of creating a shift schedule configuration. For example, this prevents an employee from requiring scheduling in a shift where the employee's role is not required!

Q. How many employees in a shift's schedule can Sched4u handle?

A. Sched4u can automatically and simultaneously create schedules in shifts for small, large and very large number of employees up to 2200 employees and more!

Q. What happens when a certain employee submits a requirement to be scheduled in a certain shift?

A. Sched4u inspects the requirements of all employees and approves where possible, or rejects the employee's request.

Q. What happens when an employee is unavailable for a certain shift?

A. Using a matrix of 3x7 button arrays, clicking a button informs Sched4u that the employee is not available to the selected shift. Sched4u will not schedule the employee to the specified shift.

Q. What happens when an employee must work at a certain shift?

A. By clicking on a button in a matrix of 3x7 buttons (preceded by a click on a second external button), it is possible to force the assignment of the employee to any selected shift.

Q. How are different job scopes for employees handled by Sched4u?

A. Each employee's job scope is defined during the setup phase, when you enter the employee's data. Sched4u creates weekly schedules in shifts that respect the scope of job of each employee.

Q. How do I configure Sched4u to comply with certain organizational rules that affect all employees?

A. This is done at the initial setting. It is possible to set rules - such as: An employee cannot work on two adjacent shifts, and Sched4u will respect the rule for all employees.

Q. How do we control the number of employees in shifts for different roles?

A. At the initial setting you can define for any selected shift the number of employees for the different roles.

Q. If an employee is unavailable for a certain period of time, what can we do?

A. By clicking a button, an employee can be classified as available or unavailable for scheduling in shifts at any time, and Sched4u will respect the classification. Changing a status from available to unavailable and vice versa takes effect immediately. The default value in the configuration phase is available.

Q. What about scheduling On Call (standby) employees?

A. Sched4u has a module to schedule employees on call!

Q. Who can potentially use Sched4u?

A. Sched4u is suitable for businesses and organizations of all sizes, small, medium and very large that employ staff with a variety of roles and scopes of work, and employ shift workers.

Q. Can you list some examples of companies and organizations that need automated employee scheduling software?

A. Hospitals, universities, Hotels, marketing networks, airports, police, heavy industry, security forces, etc.

Q. What about license types and costs?

A. See types of Licenses and costs.

Q. How do I download the User Interface?

A. A user interface for the Basic Licenses is available for download on the Sched4u website. To do this, you must first register and obtain a password. Enter your password and email, click "Download Request" and User Interface is automatically installed from the cloud.

Q. Is it possible to download and install the user interface on smart phones and tablets?

A. On smart phones and tablets you can register and get a password, but you can only run the user interface on Microsoft Windows 7 and above, and Microsoft Windows Server 2008 and above operating systems.